About Us

Artessorio celebrates the elegance of modern and style-conscious women with a flair for art and design. Artessorio exudes charm, authenticity and a new freshness by poetic creations. Using pattern and illustration art, Artessorio create accessories which are uniquely styled, for women who are always questing for originality.

Artessorio was conceived by Hong Kong born designer Patray Lui. Growing up in the vibrant city of Hong Kong as well as having years of charmed European living in Italy and the Netherlands, Patray's multi-cultural life experience and creative background bring a very unique perspective to Artessorio's design. She was particularly influenced by the art and culture of Italy, where she received her founding design education. To show her appreciation of Italian artistry, the brand name of Artessorio was creatively made up by two Italian words: Arte & Accessorio, being art and accessory.

Patray first founded the brand in 2009 together with Hong Kong based manufacturing partner. In 2015, with a love of Italian craftsmanship, Patray began to team up with Italian artisans to create Artessorio products.
Patray currently resides in the Netherlands. Its headquarter is relocated to the Netherlands from Hong Kong since 2015. Artessorio is a registered company at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.